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Mad about Manners

Program for children 5-7

This interactive program is focused on developing children’s social and leadership skills. It is a fun and informative way to encourage the development and understanding of the role respect plays in a successful cooperative relationship with others. In this program, children will learn basic manners such as making introductions, handshakes, first impressions, table manners, and social behavior. Interactive activities and crafts direct the child’s learning in a fun and entertaining program that is flexible and can be adjusted according to the time available.

What will children learn:

  • Why do we need good manners and etiquette

  • Respect for oneself and others

  • Introducing themselves

  • Proper greetings and introduction

  • First impression

  • Thank you and appreciation

  • Rules for using the phone

  • Basic table manners

  • Top 10 dining mistakes


The kids will take a fun etiquette quiz, receive a Mad about Manners Certificate, a 24 page handbook, and printed worksheets. This class features a three-course meal.​

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