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Afternoon Tea

Program for all ages

There is a timeless quality about going out to tea. Today, people are discovering the pleasure of taking tea again. It reminds us of elegant surroundings and civility. It is all about spending a lovely time with our friends. This class helps to navigate proper ways to enjoy Afternoon Tea, makes people familiar with types of tea services, varieties of tea, and presents the interesting history of tea.

This class contains these and other topics:

  • The history of tea

  • Types of tea services

  • Types of tea

  • Brewing tea

  • Proper tea pouring

  • Holding the cup

  • Stirring the tea

  • Finessing the tea bag, napkin, food

  • Tea do’s and don’t


This course features tea and three courses (finger sandwiches, scones and pastries or sweets). Participants will receive a Tea Etiquette certificate.

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