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Dining Etiquette

Program for adults or youth over 16

This course is about learning the rules of formal dining. Knowing what to do, how to do it and appearing confident and at ease allows people to feel comfortable in any dining situation. In a business situation, your manners also reflect on the company you represent.  This course will make you familiar with six and four course place settings while enjoying a three course meal, consisting of a soup, main course, and dessert.


Clients will learn these and other interesting topics:

  • Styles of eating

  • Importance of good dining etiquette

  • At the table – posture, who starts the meal, finessing the napkin

  • Navigating the place settings - six and four course

  • Dining do’s and don’ts

  • Managing difficult foods

  • Manners at the table

  • Restaurant manners

  • Finessing the buffet


The participants will take a fun quiz and receive a Dining Etiquette certificate, and a 24 page printed handbook. This class features a three or six course meal.

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