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We are often unaware of the statement we make when we present ourselves to others. We underestimate how big of an effect our choices have on our personal and professional progress.


Etiquette is universally essential but constantly evolving. Knowing how to act and what the proper etiquette is for a variety of events is important. This can include for example proper introductions, dining etiquette, non-verbal communication, business etiquette, emailing, videoconferencing, social media etiquette, or other aspects of good manners. The power of manners is infinite. People who know what is expected of them in social and professional situations really do go further in life.

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All About Me

My name is Iva Musilek and I am an Etiquette consultant. My company, Courtesy Matters, offers a variety of classes for children and adults, as well as individual etiquette training. I have been certified through several programs, including private training with the Canadian etiquette expert, Louise Fox in Toronto.
Through my classes, I offer fulfilling experiences and hope to improve the quality of our everyday lives through civility and respect for ourselves and others.


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