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Courtesy Counts

Program for children 8-11

Children will learn about good manners and respect, confidence, and the power of politeness. They will be taught the basics of dining etiquette, making introductions, handshakes, first impression, how to navigate family and social situations, rules for school and special places and more.

What children will learn:

  • Importance of good manners and respect

  • Introductions and greetings

  • Dining: 2 and 4-course place settings

  • Manners at school

  • Thank you and appreciation

  • Social behavior at special places

  • First impression

  • How to be a good host and guest

  • Restaurant dining


The kids will take a fun etiquette quiz, receive a Courtesy Counts Certificate, a 24 page handbook, and printed worksheets. This class features a three-course meal.

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