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Courtesy Matters

Welcome to Courtesy Matters. Through etiquette and manners, we aspire to help people gain confidence and build meaningful connections to advance their personal and professional relationships. We strive to improve the quality of everyday lives through civility and respect for ourselves and others.


Courtesy Matters

The Full Story

Etiquette is building relationships through good manners. It is about treating others with respect, kindness, and consideration. When people understand how they can present themselves, they can advance their personal and professional relationship through etiquette and manners.

Everything we do and say impacts how others perceive us. We are often unaware of the statement we make in the way we present ourselves. Etiquette helps us to learn and use good people skills, because the way we behave and connect with others determines our future.


Learn how to make a positive impact by consciously presenting yourself in the best possible light.


Mad about Manners

[2 hours, ages 5-7]

Courtesy Counts

[2 hours, ages 8-11]

Manners on the Menu

[2 hours, ages 12-15]

Dining Etiquette

[2 hours, ages 16+]

Afternoon Tea

[2 hours, all ages]

Private Dining Lessons

[2 hours, all ages]

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